I love travel non-fiction

I am a sucker for travel non-fiction. In the past, I always fancied myself a strict fiction lover, but I’m beginning to realize this isn’t just a phase anymore. My name is Finn and I love travel non-fiction California Fitness.

I suppose it all started with Peter Mayle’s A Year in Provence (and all his books that followed)… the food descriptions alone are enough that by the time I got toEncore Provence I pretty much needed to read accompanied some nibblies and wine California Fitness.

After exhausting Mayle, I moved on to J. Maarten Troost and his hilarious account of being a house-husband in Kiribati, Fiji and Vanuatu (love, love, love these books), Jamie Zeppa and her move to Bhutan (another unbelievably great read) and then, most recently, Ann Vanderhoof’s An Embarrassment of Mangoes(that’s a lotta links… they’re all wonderful, I promise. Summer reading list, anyone California Fitness?).

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